Press Clipping
Here I Stand

Taj Weekes spreads love on new single off forthcoming album
St. Lucian reggae singer and songwriter Taj Weekes has once again teamed up with his band Adowa for another album.
Love, Herb & Reggae drops early next year and the first single off the set – Here I Stand – will be released on October 28.
“Love is a human rights issue. That’s the important thing. We shouldn’t be defining people by their sexuality. Who’s the one to decide what’s ‘normal,’ anyway? What we need is more love in this world, more diversity. The single is me: I’m stating my position and taking my stand,” states Taj Weekes in a press release.
Taj Weekes has always experimented with arrangements and is no stranger to rock and pop. And this is showcased on Here I Stand. The reggae influence is subtle on this one, and the rhythm leans heavily towards tango (!) and blues.
“The reggae is still there, it’s just in a different place. The drums and bass add the flavor. We kept it simple to focus attention on the lyrics. We wanted it to be a track everyone would notice,” explains Taj Weekes, and adds:
“When I started out I just wanted to put a poem over a riddim. Now I’ve found my voice. I want to be true to the art form I’ve chosen, whatever comes from it.”