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This Week Ahead: Taj Weekes and Adowa

Bob Marley’s “One Love” aside, reggae music has long had an unsavory association with homophobia, thanks to gay-bashing references in tunes by Buju Banton, Beanie Man and a number of other high-profile artists. Taj Weekes, a reggae star from the island of St. Lucia, is hoping to change that perception through his music and activism. The talented Rastafarian is currently touring behind his fourth album “Love Herb & Reggae,” which is something of a mission statement for his worldview: Love is inclusive, herbs are not limited to marijuana, and reggae music can and should encapsulate the best of what life has to offer. The music, which he performs with his band Adowa, is filled with lush arrangements and an eclectic style that marries a number of Pan-Caribbean influences. South Florida’s own reggae stalwarts, Spred the Dub, will open this weekend’s Boca Raton performance.