Press Clipping
Taj Weekes Stands Out as a Rasta Musician

This weekend in live music: Taj Weekes & Andowa

Taj Weekes & Adowa In a movement where homophobia and weed-smoking is the standard, St. Lucia reggae maker Taj Weekes stands out as a Rasta musician who isn’t necessarily referring to the ganj when he waxes on herb (“Herb is sustainability and vitality … it’s engaging in a healthy life and it tasting good,” he commented in a recent press statement), and actually promotes the “One love” creed he preaches (“I would rather see two men loving each other than a man beating a woman. That is what One Love means to me. You cannot define love so easily for other people.”). His pan-Caribbean dub and soul-infused sounds are similarly warm while Taj’s vocals are sweet, high-toned pipings. (Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin)